Tuesday, August 14, 2018
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Issues On Samsung Galaxy S8, Note 8, Screen Turns On Randomly While Charging

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTyfcFrAjiM]  

Bitcoin Will Trade Below $5000, Former Trader Says

All things that rise, fall down as well. The same we've seen with the worth of popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Just some weeks in the past it was buying and selling at $19,000 after which it crashed again to $12,000 very quickly. It shed nearly...

10 Most Searched Topics On Google This Year 2017

The top global Google searches of 2017 are as follows: 1. Hurricane Irma 2. iPhone 8 3. iPhone X 4. Matt Lauer 5. Meghan Markle 6. 13 Reasons Why 7. Tom Petty 8. Fidget Spinner 9. Chester Bennington 10. India national cricket team

#WhatsappDown Again – 31 Dec 2017

Messages aren't going through. No updates. WhatsApp is down again. Started precisely 7:55 - 8:02 PM (GMT +1) December 31 In Nigeria ??. UPDATE: Services has returned around 8:55PM to 9:00pm.  

New Update In Chrome OS Allows Android Apps Run In Background

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Ripple Increases In Value Amidst Massive Fall In Cryptocurrency Prices

All of the cryptocurrencies particularly the highest 500 coins are going through an enormous shed of worth lately. This value correction was anticipated as a result of an unstable increase in their costs. Whereas traders in these cryptocurrencies have lost their sleep. Ripple quietly...

Facebook Sets To Include “in-video Ads” By 2018, Similar To Youtube’s

Facebook is getting set to introduce in-video ads just like youtube. The in-video ads will run for 6 seconds before it can be skipped for every 3mins + video, unlike youtube's 5 sec time. These ads will be seen in Facebook's 'watch' hub, not in the...

Apple Apologizes For Slowing Down Older IPhones, Offers $29 Battery Instead

Last week, Apple admitted that it has been reducing older iPhones’ performance with software updates. Afterwards, many iPhone consumers filled action class lawsuits against the tech giant in various states of the US. To avoid facing even worse circumstances than this, Apple has issued a formal...

Prices Of IPhone X, IPhone 8 And IPhone 8 Plus To Reduce As Demand Decrease

Apple is expected to take a bold step which is not usually practiced by the tech giant. Price slashes are not common for Apple. The company only reduces prices for its older iPhones once a new model hits the shelves in September. However, due...

Whatsapp To Shutdown On Some Devices By Jan 1 2018

WhatsApp will stop working on a selection of smartphones and mobile platforms in the new year 2018. From 1 January 2018, the messenger service won’t be available on any handsets running Windows Phone 8.0 (or older versions of the operating system), BlackBerry OS or BlackBerry...