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Android creator Andy Rubin’s Essential smartphone unveiled

Essential, Andy Rubin, Andy Rubin Essential, Andy Rubin Smartphone, What is Essential, Essential smartphone, Essential specs, Essential priceAndroid’s co-founder Andy Rubin just launched his own smartphone called Essential and a home speaker device as well.

Andy Rubin created the software that powers hundreds of millions of Android devices around the world. Now he has two gadgets of his own: the Essential Phone and the Essential Home.

The phone’s display fills most of the front, save for a camera cutout, slim bezels and a small chin at the bottom. The almost full-screen display echoes a design popularized earlier this year by Samsung Electronics Co.’s Galaxy S8 handset and soon to be followed by Apple Inc. with a revamped iPhone. The Essential Home is a puck-sized, voice-activated gadget that can control appliances and provide reminders.

Essential is part of Rubin’s new Playground Global incubator, which plans to raise $300 million. With the new products, Rubin is betting he can take on Apple and Samsung, which have dominated consumer hardware in recent years.

The Essential handset includes many modern smartphone technologies, including a Qualcomm Inc. processor and a USB-C port for charging. Uniquely, it includes a magnetic connector on the back to connect to such accessories as a camera that takes 360-degree photos and a wireless charging hub. Without the attachment, the phone has an 8-megapixel camera on the front and a 13-megapixel sensor on the rear, according to Essential’s website.

The sides of the phone are made of titanium, which Rubin’s company claims is impervious to scratches and dents. The back of the phone is ceramic and comes in black, gray, white, and a gold-like color called “Ocean Depths.” The phone runs a version of the Android operating system with a customized user interface, while the Home device runs a custom system called Ambient OS.

The Home assistant device has a circular screen and can play music, set timers, and control lights with a user’s voice. The product is similar in scope to the Google Home and Amazon Echo, but its small size probably means Essential sees it as a more digital assistant than the speaker. Apple is working on its home device, Bloomberg News reported last year. The Essential device will be open to third-party developers, Essential said.

In creating his new company, Rubin hired hardware designers from the likes of Apple, Alphabet Inc.’s Google, and Samsung, Bloomberg News reported in January along with details about the new smartphone. Rubin co-founded Android in the early 2000s before selling the company to Google in 2005. He ran Google’s Android division until 2013 before stepping aside to build the company’s robotics unit. He left the company a year later to found startup incubator Playground Global.

The phone, available for pre-order, will sell for $699, $50 more than an entry-level iPhone 7. The handset will be available only in the US when it launches; Essential didn’t say when it will ship or provide pricing for the home product.



source: indianexpress

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Control your Android smartphone using Eva Facial Mouse

What makes Android platform unique are the various applications available as extensions to power its functionalities. What if you are told that you can use facial gestures to control your Android devices without needing to touch it?

Well, this app is actually designed for those with some kind of disabilities or lazy people but you can still play around with it.


EVA Facial Mouse allows the user to control an Android device by tracking the face.
Based on the movement of the face captured through the front camera, the app allows the user to control a pointer on the screen (i.e., like a mouse), which provides direct access to most elements of the user interface.

In order words, it allows you do otherwise what you would have done with your hands. This app has been tested on some Android devices and it works perfectly well on them while on others, it is a pain in the ass.

>>Android device running Android 4.1 and above
>>Front facing camera
>>Dual core processor or higher

Where Can I Download it?
You can download it from Google play store here

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Tech Archive virtual cards gets an upgrade to physical and visa cards

I want to believe by now some of you should have gotten your Barter Virtual Card in Nigeria. It makes shopping online easier. If you haven’t created an account for yourself, you can simply do that here. No need of begging someone to help you order smartphones from AliExpress or Gearbest because of naira

limitation when you can easily do that by yourself with barter virtual master card without any hassle.

There have been lots of update from barter and I’m glad they listened to their users.
Yes! Barter is getting an upgrade, Physical cards, and barter Visa cards. Barter is currently upgrading their site to allow users order and pick up physical cards at airports in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa.  this cards can be used for easy international payments so long your wallet is funded.
Note that you can also withdraw your wallets funds to your bank account but charges apply. Also, note that you can create more than one Barter Virtual cards after which monthly maintenance fee will apply.
Barter Virtual Cards has been a life safer for some of us. Those of you that have been using it, share us your experience so far with us…


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Judy, an Android malware infects up to 36.5 m users

judy android malware
A new malware named ‘Judy’ has found in over 41 apps on the Google Play Store, infecting over 36.5 million users. (Image via CheckPoint Research)
A new malware named ‘Judy’ has found in over 41 apps on the Google Play Store, and it has infected between 8.5 million to 36.5 million users. This is according to a report from security research firm Check Point, which discovered the malware and alerted Google. The search giant has started removing these infected apps from the Play Store.
However, ‘Judy Malware’ infected apps have managed to research over 4.5 million to 18.5 million downloads on the Google Play Store. According to a blog post by Check Point, Judy Malware is “auto-clicking adware,” and the firm spotted apps developed by a company based in South Korea.
The company’s name is Kiniwini, which is mentioned on the Google Play Store as ENISTUDIO Corp, say the researchers. This firm develops apps for Android, iOS. The auto-clicking adware would basically use these infected devices to create false clicks on ads, and thus generate revenue for the people behind this.
Check Point notes in the blog post, “The malicious apps reached an astonishing spread between 4.5 million and 18.5 million downloads. Some of the apps we discovered resided on Google Play for several years, but all were recently updated.
The researchers have also found other apps on the Google Play Store, which contain the malware, and these were developed by other companies. The research firm notes that code was present in an app since April 2016, so basically, it managed to escape Google’s scrutiny for nearly a year.

So what exactly is ‘Judy’ malware, and how does it work?

The idea with Judy malware is to create false clicks on ads, and thus boost the revenue of these companies. Essentially the Judy malware bypassed Google Play Store’s protection, and the hackers created a “seemingly benign bridgehead app, meant to establish a connection to the victim’s device, and insert it into the app store.”
After the app is downloaded, it manages to set up a connection with the Control and Command server, which delivers the actual malicious payload. This includes the “JavaScript code, a user-agent string, and URLs controlled by the malware author,” explains the firm.
These URLs open a targeted website, and the code is used to click on banners from the Google ad tech. Each click means payment for the creator of the malware from the website developer. It finds ads by looking for frames, which have ads from Google ads infrastructure.
The Judy Malware fiasco shows that even Google Play Store tends to miss out on malware at times, as it clearly did in this case. Google says that their Play Store works around the clock to automatically identify malware and apps that can pose can risk to the user. But in the case of Judy malware, this is a big miss.

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5 Ways of gaining more free memory on Android Smartphones

The more you use your phone on a daily base, the more space it consumes despite the facts that Android nowadays comes with a decent memory space. The most annoying thing I bet any Android user can ever experience either when you want to update your app or download a file and you get ‘insufficient memory’ or ‘Android internal memory is full’. It can be so frustrating.


But there is always a way out. The guides below will put you through on how to get more space on your Android device.
1.Clear Old Downloads:
Every time you download a PDF or other document from the web it is stored in your Downloads folder, but the chances are you probably don’t need it anymore. If you have a File Manager app use this to browse your Downloads folder and delete anything you don’t need.


2. Clear Cache + Data: Cached files are little bits of data stored by apps every time you use them. You can do this manually for individual apps by going to Settings > Storage > Apps.
3. Move apps and files to SDcard: If your phone supports sd card, move all your apps and files to SD card; any or use apps2sd to move difficult apps to SDcard.
And for those using Android 6.0 Marshmallow, you can combine your SDcard memory + phone storage. See steps below;
Step 1: Make sure the microSD card is inside your Android Marshmallow running smartphone and is in working condition.
Step 2: Navigate to your smartphone’s ‘Settings’ and go to ‘Storage and USB’ inside the settings menu.
Step 3: Locate your external microSD card under the ‘Portable storage’ section and tap on it.
Step 4: Post jumping in the external microSD, locate the three-dot menu at the top-right and hit on ‘Settings’
Step 5: Now here you will get four options – Eject, Format, Format as Internal and Movie Media. Choose ‘Format as internal’.
Step 6: You will not be greeted by a screen saying that your microSD card will be erased completely and will only work on that particular device. Tap on ‘Erase and Format’.
Step 7: After finishing the process, your external SD card will now work as your internal storage.
4. Use lite apps: Android developers nowadays make two variants of their apps, one standard, and the other lighter, which not only consumes less cellular data but takes up less space on your phone, too.
Some of those apps that consume space like Facebook, Messenger, Youtube and opera have lite apps, consider switching to them.
5. Back up photos and video to Google Photos, then delete them from your phone:

Photos and video are one of the biggest space hogs on any Android phone, and more so as their integrated cameras come with increasingly high megapixel counts.

Download the free Google Photos app from Google Play, then in the Settings menu select to back up all photos and video over Wi-Fi. Once the media has transferred you can delete them from your phone.

Well, this is just few of those ways you can free up space on your smart device, what is your preferred method of freeing up space?

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Microsoft intends to sava data in DNA – company’s computer architects

Microsoft is planning to start storing its data on strands of DNA within the next few years, the company’s computer architects have revealed.Microsoft expects to have an operational storage system using DNA within a data centre by the end of the decade, according to a report in MIT Technology Review.

Currently, one of the best and cheapest ways to store a lot of information in a small space is magnetic tape which is rugged enough to hold information for up to 30 years. But as the data generation has reached an exploding stage, even magnetic tapes seem to be of little use.

Therefore, Microsoft computer architects are considering a biological material such as DNA to be an odd choice for backing up large amounts of digital information, ScienceAlert reported on Saturday. Its ability to pack enormous amounts of data in a tiny space has been clear for more than 70 years.

“While strings of nucleic acid have been used to cram information into living cells for billions of years, its role in IT data storage was demonstrated for the first time just five years ago, when a Harvard University geneticist encoded his book — including jpg data for illustrations — in just under 55,000 strands of DNA,” the report said.

With the evolving technologies, scientists have been able to record 215 petabytes (215 million gigabytes) of information on a single gram of DNA.But scientists face a challenge in recording data in the form of a nucleic acid sequence.The tech giant demonstrated its DNA data storage technology last year by encoding roughly 200 megabytes of data in the form of 100 literary classics in DNA’s four bases in a single process.

“This process would have cost around $800,000 using materials on the open market, meaning it would need to be thousands of times cheaper to make it a competitive option,” the report stated. But the speed of data stored on DNA strands was as slow as 400 bytes per second. It poses as another challenge for the company to get around 100 megabytes per second to be feasible.

According to the ScienceAlert report, new technologies have been seeing the cost of gene sequencing drop in recent years, which hints that Microsoft’s end of the decade target may be realistic.



source: indianexpress

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“Life is easier on iPhone” – Apple says as they ditch android

Some Android users have been bragging about the simplicity of Android OS over iOS but Apple wants to prove you wrong. Apple recently updated some parts of its official website, which now includes a section dedicated to Android users who may want to switch to iOS.

Apple is trying to lure Android users to ditch their Android device into the dustbin and get a branded iPhone device. Apple is actually bragging about the fact that iPhones are very fast considering their custom chipsets, great cameras (iPhone 2MP camera outshine some Android 16MP camera px), offer enhanced privacy and security and generally, iOS is simple to use.
apple ditch android


Apple mentioned that “Life is easier on iPhone. And that starts as soon as you turn it on.”  By scrolling down the page, you’ll discover several reasons why Apple thinks that switching to an iPhone is a good idea – starting with the fact that transferring your data (after downloading the dedicated Move to iOS app from Google Play) is easy as a breeze.

 We can really say apple have the advantage here because it’s also easy to transfer data from iOS to Android in seconds when you turn the table around.
Apple has uploaded a series of 16 sec short videos on its Youtube channel here that underline the easiness of ditching your Android handset for an iPhone.


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Best Kodi Add-ons For May 2017

This is not the first time you are hearing about Kodi but if you’re a fan of sports, movies or box sets, you’re going to love Kodi. Basically, Kodi is a compact streaming app that lets you watch pretty much anything, whether it’s something you’ve already got locally stored on a hard disk or something you want to watch from the internet.

Kodi – or XBMC  has been updated. Here are my Top best Kodi Addons for May 2017.


Top 10 Addons for Kodi

1.Exodus is one of the most popular and love add-ons for Kodi because it gives you fresh content and regular updates, it is hard for any other Kodi add-on to compete with Exodus now. You get all the latest movies, TV shows, documentaries, cartoons and anime, and much more on Exodus.


Tips of the iceberg: you can watch popular shows such as Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, House of Cards, and Stranger Things. On the other hand, you can stream latest shows like The Handmaid’s Tale, 13 reasons, and Girlboss and many more.


How to install Exodus Addons on Kodi

1. To install the Exodus for Kodi, first, go to System | Settings | Add-ons. There you’ll see a tab saying “Add source” – click on it.

2. This method works by pointing whatever device you’re using to a web address and then using it like a USB stick or removable hard drive. To install Exodus, we’re going to use the web address

3. Make sure you enter it into the text box exactly as it is, or it won’t work – and then click “Done”.
4. To make things easier, in the long run, it’s worth naming the source something like “fusion” at this stage.
5. Once that’s done, go back to your Kodi home screen, and then navigate to System | Add-ons | Install from Zip file. A list of folders will appear, but we’re after the one we just added – which should be called “fusion”. Click on it, and then select a file called “xmbc-repos”.

6. Click on the file marked “English,” and then select the file marked “”.
7. After waiting for a notification that should say “Add-on enabled”, select Install from Repository | Exodus repository | Video Add-ons | Exodus.
8. All that’s left to do is click Install, and Exodus will be added to your Kodi installation.
2. SALT: SALTS or Stream All The Sources is another great add-on to have on Kodi. It contains latest movies and TV shows to stream online. SALTS is an addon from the Fusion repository and offers an alternative to 1Channel PrimeWire and other movie add-ons with its up-to-date library. It brings you popular movies such as Inception, Deadpool, The Dark Knight, Fight Club, and much more. Likewise, you can also stream current trending movies such as Logan, Kong: Skull Island, Moana, or Split.
>3. 1Channel PrimeWire: 1Channel is another brilliant streaming add-on that offers brilliant libraries to watch movies & TV shows from a huge list of sources. Another amazing add-on very closely related to Exodus, 1Channel is every video streaming fan’s food for the soul.

Others include;

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WhatsApp lets you Pin Chats on Android

WhatsApp has finally introduced the new pin chats feature for all Android users. The feature was earlier this month rolled out to Android beta users. The pin chat feature in WhatsApp allows users to pin favorite chats on top of the Chats tab. With the new feature, WhatsApp users can pin up to three contacts on top of rest of the conversations.

One of the biggest highlights of the new Pin feature is that once you pin a chat, it will remain on the top of your chat list, irrespective of your dialogue or conversation timings with the individual or group concerned. Users will be able to see any new chats or conversations following the pinned chats.
How to Pin Chat?
>>Tap and hold on any chat and you’ll get a new pin icon in the action bar next to the delete, mute, and archive functions. 
For now, only 3 chats can be pin after which get a small toast notification message saying you can’t pin more. 


iPhone users will have to wait slightly longer – but the feature is likely to come to at some point in the near future.
We are still expecting the un-send features to roll out to beta users any moment from now.
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Download WanaKey, Ransomware Decryption Tool here

With reference to the global attack of malware called Ransomware that has affected more than 300,000 computers in 150 nations since its attack on computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system last Friday.

You’ll remember that WannaCry ransomware crypto worm encrypts data and demands ransom payments from the infected computers in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. But no need to pay any ransom anymore as security experts released a decryption tool called WanaKiwi.
download wanakey
WanaKiwi is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, Server 2003, and Server 2008, and can run using the command prompt. If your system is affected by Ransomware, follow the below link to download the decryption toolkit.

Wanakey Download?

You can download it here with the guides on how to run it included.
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Here’s Samsung’s First Dual Camera smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was earlier tipped to be the first Samsung phone to feature a dual-camera setup, new leaks suggest that company’s C10 smartphone might leapfrog and take the honor. New leaked images of Samsung Galaxy C10 not only suggest that the phone will feature a dual camera

setup but also that it will be the first smartphone from the South Korean company to have this camera configuration.

The leak, as you can see in the image above, focuses only on a small portion of the device’s back, revealing things like rose gold color, antenna bands, dual-LED flash, and power/lock key. It might likely come with Snapdragon 660 chipset.
samsung c10
No much information about the specification of this device, so we await the official announcement from the company for more details.
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Quick Fixes If Your Laptop computer Or Netbook Falls on the Floor

laptop diy repair

If your laptop computer or netbook has actually fallen on the floor, you wish to read this short article very carefully. It includes instructions and also aid to obtain you back on your feet as well as have your laptop functioning once more, if whatsoever possible. I have included the most regularly reported laptop and netbook conditions after they landed on the floor. If your laptop or netbook is revealing any one of these signs, you could find a remedy below.



The majority of the options are DIY, do it yourself, solutions. Some will call for an expert help and with other, the laptop computer or netbook replacement is one of the most economical options.

Signs and symptoms

Sign: CD drive not functioning. Deal with: Open up the laptop situation and reseat the CD drive adapter.

Sign: Laptop or netbook display is broken in several places. solution: If you do not view a graphic in any way, you could still plug the laptop into an outside screen and work from there. When you view the computer video result, transfer all data, either to one more computer system through ethernet or wireless or on burn the data on the CD/DVD recordable disk. You can replace the display if this is monetarily reasonable, or else your best option would certainly be to change the laptop or netbook completely.

Sign: Laptop is not charging given that the fall. solution: The charging system could be unseated. View if you could open the laptop as well as reseat, or else take your laptop to a repair shop. Make certain it is economically sensible to change anything. You must approximate exactly what your laptop computer deserves to you.

Symptom: CD/DVD drive won’t open up after the autumn. solution: Utilize a pin as well as push via the tiny pin hole on the CD/DVD door beside the light. The CD/DVD must open up.

Sign: USB plugs such as cordless computer mouse plug, broadband dongle, or high speed broadband antenna are harmed. solution: First see to it the plug or dongle is truly not working by checking it on an additional usb port, and also on one more computer system. If plug or dongle or an antenna does not work with one more computer system, change it.

see also: Smart phone architectures: 64 and 32 bits systems

Sign: USB plugs, broadband dongle or antenna ruined however deal with one more computer system. solution: Open the laptop case and also reseat the USB connector to the circuit board. If that doesn’t function, the USB port on the laptop computer might should be replaced.

Sign: Broke wireless pcmcia card. solution: Change pcmcia card with a usb wireless card.

Symptom: Windows Vista or Windows won’t boot. Repair: This is likely a hard drive trouble, see below.

Signs and symptom: Hard drive issues. These can be particularly vital if the laptop was actively making use of hard disk drive for writing data. There can be a number of signs and symptoms, such as no signal on display, operating system not booting, or hard drive light not coming up. If you could reach Windows Safe Method by pushing F8, you could try examining the hard drives utilizing chkdsk c:/ f as I mentioned in among the previous posts. If that fails, you could should change the hard drive and also re-install the operating system. Then you will have to recover your information from the backup.