Smart Phone Architectures: 64 And 32 Bits Systems

There is something I think you should know… the bit your smartphone is running; is it 64-bit or 32-bit operating system? I know some of you will be thinking is my Android now a Laptop? Yes! A portable device that can do everything you can do on the system.


What Does 32- and 64-bit Mean?

When a processor is labeled as 32- or 64-bit, it’s referring to a number of values that can be stored in that particular processor’s register. A 32-bit processor has room for 2^32 values (around 4 billion, rounded down), while a 64-bit processor can store 2^64 of them (18 quintillions, rounded down). This means that 64-bit processors have four billion times more addresses at their disposal than 32-bit processors – a clear improvement!

Advantage of 64-bit Android Processor over 32-bit

1.       64-bit phones will do everything better and last longer

2.       64-bit phones can handle more memory: 32-bit can handle up to 4GB ram while 64 bit can handle more than that.
3.       64-bit phones run your existing apps faster

Is my Smartphone 64-bit or 32-bit?

There is a simple way to know
>>Go to Google Play store and download Antutu benchmark
>>Install and run it
>>Click on info tab at the bottom.
>>Find the line labeled Android in this list – To the right of this, it will show the Android version you’re running and what bit the OS is.
>>You should see the bit your device is running.
When next you are asking if your smartphone runs 32-bit or 64-bit operating system, I guess you’ll know the answer to give without thinking twice.

source: Yomiprof

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