Go Multiple: Allows You Run Multiple Accounts Of All Instant Messengers On The Same Device

For some reasons, some us will like to have multiples accountson Facebook, WhatsApp instagram, twitter or even the game that run on your device. Perhaps if you have been wondering how to make this come through without any hazzle, then this app will be handy for you to try out.

Go Multiple is a simple application that allows you to run multiple account of any instant messages, be it Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or twitter… including your most lovable games on the same device. It is designed for users who have multiple accounts or who log in more than Two Accounts of One App with only One Phone, while data of your main account and second account are in parallel and separate storage.
Where Can I Download it?
For Android, you can download it here
>>On installing, it will present you with options to choose the messenger you wish to add multiple accounts
>>Choose and hit the enable button… complete the settings and you are good to go.
Are you already using it? Tell us your experience.


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