Apple MacBook Will Not Get An Upgrade In 2018

Apple MacBook is not going to get an upgrade in 2018, in line with a brand new report in Digitimes, quoting supply chain sources. The report points out that in 2018, Foxconn would be the main supplier for Apple’s MacBook series, as an alternative to Quanta Computer. The brand new orders will begin delivery in the second quarter of 2018, adds the report.

The report additionally points out that although Foxconn will get a jump in MacBook orders in 2018, Quanta will stay the biggest MacBook supplier to Apple for the yr. In 2017, the latter supplied almost 80 percent of MacBooks, in line with the report. On the problem of recent upgrades in 2018 to the MacBook collection, the report says, Apple has no main plans for 2018 and that is why it’s shifting orders for present models to Foxconn to cut back cost.

The report is in contrast to leaks we had seen from Foxconn Insiders last yr. This was a group which had leaked details about numerous Apple products for 2018 and future; all of this was posted on Reddit and the leakers claimed to have information from inside the Foxconn supply chain.




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