WhatsApp Would Allow Users Watch YouTube Videos Within The App Soon


Fb keeps introducing new features on all of its platforms together with Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger and Facebook itself.

Based on a brand new hint contained in the upcoming version of WhatsApp, it would let you watch YouTube videos on WhatsApp. Till now, when somebody sends you a YouTube video, it appears as a hyperlink with a small preview picture. If you tap on that hyperlink, it takes you to the YouTube app and you’ll proceed to watch the video there. However, that will change in the brand new update.

WhatsApp keeps evolving at a fast pace. Fb is, without doubt, one of the few firms which retain updating its services and apps frequently. Fb is aware that it is the greatest approach to keep customers engaged and if it stops focusing on updates, individuals would possibly lose interest in its platforms. WhatsApp launched WhatsApp status a couple of months in the past and it now has more customers than Snapchat. Instagram Stories additionally has more customers than Snapchat.

Not too long ago, WhatsApp launched a feature which helps you to delete sent messages for everybody and individuals are loving this feature. The “Delete for Everyone” feature saves you from embarrassment. For instance, you needed to send somebody a message and sent it to another person by mistake. Now it’s your choice to delete the message within 7 minutes and save your self from any type of embarrassment. It is usually anticipated that WhatsApp will introduce group video calling where it is possible for you to add anybody to your video call.

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