Google Chrome To Stop Auto-playing Media With Sounds

Google Chrome

Google Chrome’s autoplay feature has been a problem at instances. The autoplay feature continues to play the sound even when the source tab is just not in focus. This could result in awkward conditions at workplace, conferences, and colleges.

Google has now introduced an update for Google Chrome which is considerably fixing this problem. In an upcoming update, Chrome is not going to autoplay any video with sound in it.

We all know that numerous movies on totally different web pages make undesirable noise when they’re auto played and generally they make the scenario embarrassing when you find yourself sitting between some folks and your audio system are on full volume. Google has addressed the difficulty and in an upcoming update coming around January 2018, it should cease playing any media with sound in it. The media will solely be auto played if it has no sound in it, in any other case, it should solely play if a person particularly presses the play button.

Individuals are being troubled by pointless sounds throughout web browsing for a very long time and now Google is actively engaged on the options that can cater this downside. Google is also set to launch a brand new feature in Chrome 63 which is able to let customers permanently mute a website. If the person completely mutes a selected web site, it should cease playing sounds endlessly until the person unmutes the web site. And now with the brand new feature, it is not going to play sounds until the person desires to play it.

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