You Can Download Even Out Of Space On Android 8.0 Using The “Streaming OS Update”. 

We are patiently waiting for the announcement of Android 8 and one of the outstanding feature tipped to come with Android O is “Streaming OS update”.

I guess you have experienced this in one way or the day, you probably wanted to download an update for your smartphone or even an app and suddenly an annoying notification pop up that “your memory is full”, free up some space to continue… Google has device a way to banish that no more space error forever.

According to the latest Android documentation, Google is cooking up some scheme to make sure that an insufficient space error will never stop an update.

Streaming updates is a new feature built into Android 8.0, but oddly, the docs say Google is also back porting the feature to Google Play Services. That will enable this feature on “Android 7.0 and later” devices with a dual system partition setup.

In other words, with this feature, you’ll be able to download updates to your phone even when your phone is full.

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