Virtual Cards Gets An Upgrade To Physical And Visa Cards

I want to believe by now some of you should have gotten your Barter Virtual Card in Nigeria. It makes shopping online easier. If you haven’t created an account for yourself, you can simply do that here. No need of begging someone to help you order smartphones from AliExpress or Gearbest because of naira

limitation when you can easily do that by yourself with barter virtual master card without any hassle.

There have been lots of update from barter and I’m glad they listened to their users.
Yes! Barter is getting an upgrade, Physical cards, and barter Visa cards. Barter is currently upgrading their site to allow users order and pick up physical cards at airports in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa.  this cards can be used for easy international payments so long your wallet is funded.
Note that you can also withdraw your wallets funds to your bank account but charges apply. Also, note that you can create more than one Barter Virtual cards after which monthly maintenance fee will apply.
Barter Virtual Cards has been a life safer for some of us. Those of you that have been using it, share us your experience so far with us…


SOURCE:  Wealth Creation


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