How To Update To IOS 10 & Fix IOS 10 Update Problems

How to Update to iOS 10 & Fix iOS 10 Update Problems

iOS 10 is available for downloading now. The new Apple’s iOS opens up Siri and Message, ability to remove default apps, updates Music, Photos and many more. While comparing the good experience of updating to iOS 10, more users are reporting iOS 10 update problems like iOS 10 downloading error, iOS 9 frozen during on iPad etc.
This article will address you all the problems with iOS 10 update as well as a simple guide to upgrade to iOS 10 smoothly.

Part 1: How to Update to iOS 10 Without Data Loss

In order to update your iPhone/iPad from iOS 9.3.4/3/2 to iOS 10 without any data loss, you should begin from the very start of preparation. Before you update to iOS 10 beta (only beta version is available right now, but you can take the same steps to upgrade to the formal iOS 10 version lately it released.), you should make clear what iDevice is compatible with iOS 10.
Step 1: Update iPhone iPad to iOS 10 – Backup Data and Apps
Before your iPhone 6/6S and iPad upgrade from iOS 9 to iOS 10, make sure you have backed up all your data on iPhone iPad iPod. You can do this using iCloud or iTunes on a Mac or PC. But you cannot how to backup iPhone 6 selectively. Here is the recommendation – to backup photos, vidoes and music selectively from iPhone 6/6S, iPad Pro/Air, iPod Touch 5/6 to computer, and reversely, with MacX MediaTrans. It is the best iOS content manager that can sync music, photos and videos from iPhone iPad to computer as a backup before you upgrade to iOS 10. No tedious or lengthy iTunes sync, no data lose anymore.
Step 2: Update to iOS 10 on iPhone 6/6S/7 – How to Upgrade to iOS 10
After you backup your data on iPhone 7/Plus/6s/plus iPad etc, and make sure that your device have enough room for iOS 10 update, then you can start the update.
Method 1: Upgrade iOS 10 Over-the-air
Plug in your device to make sure you have enough battery life and connect to Wi-Fi. Tap the Settings app > select General > tap Software Update > click Download and Install button. This is the easiest way but it may take a long time. Plus, this method will not apply to upgrade to iOS 10 from jailbreak.
Method 2: Update iPhone iPad to iOS 10 via iTunes
It can be faster using iTunes on Mac, so update your iTunes to the latest version before the iOS update. Connect iOS device to Mac with sync cable. An alert will pop up asking if you want to update to iOS 10. Click Download and Update and there you go. If no alert pops up, click iPhone device icon in the top-left corner, tap the Update button, then the Download and Update button. To update jailbroken iPhone 7/Plus iPad to iOS 10, go with the same process.

Part 2: Top 20 iOS 10 Update Problems and iPhone iPad iOS 10 Fixes

Though the guide above indicates that it’s simple to upgrade to iOS 10 on iPhone 7/Plus/SE/6s/6s plus, iPad Air 2 etc, chances are that problems with iOS 10 update of different kinds may occur. To avoid iOS 10 update issues, we also offer a detailed iOS 10 troubleshooting guide to iOS 10 upgrade problems one by one.

1. Reporting Error 14 After Update to iOS 10 Beta
The iOS 10 upgrade problem users have first is the infamous Error 14, namely a message saying that iPhone ipad could not be restored. An unkown error occurred (14). This is a bug of iOS 10 that no fix is announced currently, but there are some tricks you may try to solve this iOS 10 update problem:
iOS 10 troubleshooting:
1. Backup and then try clean restore of iOS 9.3.2/3/4 .
2. Check your USB device or use another device
3. Make sure you have the latest version of Xcode 8 installed on your Mac.

2. iPhone iPad stuck on Verifying Update
It’s one of the common iOS 10 upgrade problems when iOS users want to update to iOS 10 on iPhone 7/Plus/6s/6s plus, iPad Air 3/mini 4 etc, only to get stuck for hours on a screen with a “Verifying Update” message.
iOS 10 troubleshooting:
1. Lock and unlock your iPhone iPad: keep pressing the power button for several times (5+).
2. Do a hard reset or hard reboot to your iPhone: Hold down the “Home” button and “Sleep/Wake” button at the same time. > Release the buttons after the screen turns off and apple logo appears.
3. Switch to iTunes if you are updating to iOS 10 directly. Manually upgrade to iOS 10 with the newest iTunes version (12.3) from your computer may fix the frozen iOS 10 update problem on iPhone iPad.

3. Software Update Failed an error occurred downloading iOS 10
When numerous iPhone iPad iPod try to update from iOS 9 to iOS 10 after Apple just released, users may come across an error message stating “Software Update Failed. An error occurred downloading iOS 10”. This iOS 10 update error occurs mainly because millions of users are trying to update to iOS 10 simultaneously.
iOS 10 update fix to Software Update Failed:
1. Wait for another one or two days to update iPhone 7/Plus/iPad to iOS 10 to avoid the overloaded bandwidth.
2. Reboot both your WiFi router and iOS device.
3. Reset network settings on your device: Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.
4. Skip over-the-air updates and try iTunes iOS 10 upgrade method on iPhone iPad.

4. iPhone iPad stuck on Slide to Upgrade screen
Also among the common iOS 10 update issues, some users painfully find that iOS 10 is frozen during update iPhone iPad with a “Slide to Upgrade” screen. It’s quite annoying to get Slide to Upgrade problems with iOS 10 update with frozen iPhone iPad being unresponsive for hours. We can fix those iOS 10 update problems with Apple’s advice for iOS 9 upgrade:
iPhone iPad iOS 10 troubleshooting:
* Connect iPhone iPad to a computer and open up iTunes. Press Sleep/Wake and Home buttons for about 10 seconds until your device is detected.
* Now Restore your device from the backup you made before iOS 10 upgrade. Otherwise, click the Back Up Now button to make a backup of your device in iTunes and restore from that backup.
* This should fix the iOS 10 update error and you can go ahead to upgrade to iOS 10.

5. “Insufficient Space For Download” in iOS 10 Software Update
For iPhone with small storage size, users may encounter not enough space problem when update to iOS 10 from iOS 9. The iOS 10 requires about 1.5 GB of free space on iPhone iPad for update, so make sure you have clear up for enough space.
iOS 10 upgrade problems fix:
1. First, delete apps you don’t use or use Apple’s help in deleting and restoring apps/games.
Check more tips to free up iPhone space for iOS 10 updating.
2. Compress reduce video files etc that are heavy in size to smaller size to leave more space to upgrade iOS 10 on iPhone 7/Plus/6s/iPad etc.
Update to iOS 10 so many troubles? Downgrade iOS 10 to iOS 9 to fix all the problems.

Other General iOS 10 (Beta) Problems and Bugs
6. Stuck in recovery mode while updating iOS 10
7. Battery problems with iOS 10 update
8. iPhone iPad is slow after update to iOS 10
9. iOS 10 update issues with cellular data
10. iPhone iPad on iOS 10 restarts itself when taking screenshots of the new Lock Screen.
11. System apps such as Safari run slowly and choppy when enabling Reduced Motion setting on iOS 10 Beta.
12. iMessages on iOS 10 run into error when sending more than 3 emoji, which will result in sending normal text size without enlarged bubble as Apple has demoed.
13. Message notification still appears after replying to a iMessage from the Lock screen.
14. Facebook crashes when uploading photos or videos, due to the app not being optimised for iOS 10 though. This is one of the most notorious iOS 10 update problems among FB users. See how to fix Facebook upload video error.
15. The 9.7-inch iPad Pro locks its orientation when changing it and it can be fixed only by restarting iPad.
16. The audio cuts off when headphones plugged in iPad Pro.
17. Multitasking with a lot of apps open can result in app crashing on iOS 10 based iPhone iPad.
18. The “Update All” button won’t work in the iOS App store. Instead, you have to install and update apps one by one manually. This can be annoying problem after the iOS 10 update.
19. Customers also report the iOS 10 problems with Reply window freezes and cannot be exited by pressing Home button when replying to a SMS from the Lock screen with Force Touch.
20. Despite of high awareness of data backup before iOS 10 update, there are still a lot of people complaining data loss after the migration from iOS 9 to iOS 10. Users are suggested to recover data for iOS 10 with iTunes or other iOS 10 data recovery tool.

Actually, each iOS update involves in many different errors and problems. iOS 10 update is no exception. I hope the guide and tips will do some favor for you. If you still have problems related to iOS 10 that I haven’t mention, please let us know on the comment below. I will do my best to you for solving problems.

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